Barcelona, September 2023

29studios specialise in delivering innovative solutions that solve real business problems.  From hyper-realistic animations to immersive experiences. Our AR and VR capabilities bridge the gap between physical and digital realms, and with expertise in B2B and B2C social engagement, whilst producing compelling creative content that captivates audiences. Trust 29studios for growth, engagement, and innovation driven by our expertise in creating impactful content. The following videos were shown at our recent presentation in Barcelona.

CCL – The Story so Far

At 29studios, our partnership with CCL spans across the industries, including CCL Design, CCL Food & Beverage, CCL Home & Personal Care, CCL Tobacco, CCL Label AG, Checkpoint, and Innovia. Across all of our key services, from creating photorealistic 3D visuals to crafting impactful marketing campaigns and exploring the exciting realms of virtual and augmented reality.


Checkpoint – The Story so Far

Our collaboration with Checkpoint has unfolded through numerous projects and pivotal launches. The following video offers a captivating glimpse into the memorable milestones we’ve achieved together.


CCL Design Showreel

Working closely with CCL Design across diverse projects, we’ve harnessed the power of 3D animation to unveil the intricacies and inner workings of the vital components they create for the Automotive and Electronics industries.


Dyson (Reference Video)

In this reference video, showcased during our meeting, we illustrate how forward-thinking electronic companies like Dyson are wholeheartedly embracing Augmented and Virtual Reality. By seamlessly showing the Dyson Demo Store with the boundless wonders of the virtual world, they captivate their customers and consumers, providing an immersive showcase of their products and their inner workings.


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